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  • Fun, printed swim cap for training and leisure swimming. Liven up your training and inject some personality into the pool with this fun, printed swim cap. Made with 100% silicone and seamed for superior comfort and fit, these caps are designed to help you achieve a smooth profile in the water. Ideal for training, the cap helps reduce drag while protecting...

  • The perfect accessory for your perfect day at the beach, we've brought you the all new, limited edition Rainbow Pride Beach Towel! Show your pride in style with this amazing piece! Each one comes in a bright, colorful rainbow pattern with stunning Andrew Christian branding. Make all the boys stare while you dry off in this head-turner!

  • Designed for comfort and clarity in the water The new Futura Biofuse Flexiseal goggle utilises a super soft flexible seal to offer the ultimate in goggle comfort. Designed using gel-like materials and featuring Speedo Biofuse® technology, this goggle makes your comfort top priority, resulting in an even softer and more cushioned fit around the eye.

  • *Anti-Fog *Easy to adjust *UV protection *Wide vision

  • Lightweight, durable and stylish bag to suit any workout The Duffel Bag is great for packing everything you need for the gym or the pool thanks to its 30 litres of space. Made from lightweight fabric with a water resistant base, this bag features a padded handle and adjustable straps for added comfort.

  • Lightweight, durable and stylish swimming rucksack The Team Rucksack III is ideal for packing all the kit you'll need for your swim thanks to its 30 litres of space and storage. Made from lightweight and durable fabric with a water resistant base, its clever wet and dry compartments keep damp or sweaty garments separate. The special roll down top can be...

  • Dry quicker, wherever you are Dry off in no time at all with the super-soft, super-absorbent Speedo Border Towel. Made from 100% cotton and in this striking blue with a red Speedo woven border, it looks as good as it feels against your skin. It’s lightweight which makes it perfect for taking to the pool, gym or even if you're heading off on holiday.

  • Keep up the pace every time you hit the pool The Pace Cap is strong and durable - perfect for regular swimming and training sessions. Specially designed to offer a comfortable fit, it helps create a hydrodynamic profile in the water to help you achieve a faster time or your furthest distance. Its water resistant coating also protects your hair from...


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Showing 1 - 9 of 21 items