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  • Less cloth but well packed! The smallest style of the series RED1964 is perfectly for the lovers of less cloth. Despite the less used fabric, the mini thong has an excellent fit and fulfills all male requirements. polyamide 92%, elastane 8%

  • Pure and masculine are two of four essential features from the trade mark Olaf Benz. The mini pants from the series RED1964, made of fine Italian Jacquard with honey-comb texture, represents these features just too well. The front is reinforced by a thin black lining. polyamide 92%, elastane 8%

  • Because of the high-elastic microfiber with tulle characteristic which has a sensational soft touch, the Olaf Benz brazil brief from the series RED1964 clings wonderfully to your body. polyamide 92%, elastane 8%

  • The appropriate sleeveless sport shirt made of light microfiber feels very pleasant to the skin and completes the range of underwear from the series RED1964. polyamide 92%, elastane 8%

  • A fantastic fabric innovation – made in Italy. These pieces are more than just your average plain swimwear line. With the help of a special sewing technique (double face), when stretched, the extremely thin and soft microfiber allows the neon-coloured inner fabric to discreetly shine through; either in neon yellow or neon orange. Polyester 80%, elastane 20%

  • Less fabric – a lot of luxury! The remarkable shining jacquard fabric from the series RED1967 has been manufactured in high-quality and has an excellent fit. This fine piece of laundry is elastic and shape-retaining at the same time and fulfills all requirements from the wearer. 89% Polyamide & 11% Elastane 

  • The one who is looking for precious and premium underwear, is perfectly right at Olaf Benz. The mini pants from the series RED1968 shines in a fine Italian jacquard fabric with restrained dotted pattern. Due to the sporty rise and the ideal leg length the mini pants has an ideal fit. 89% Polyamide & 11% Elastane

  • The luxury v-neck completes the Olaf Benz series RED1968. The short-arm shirt with v-neck with its exclusive and chintzed fabric feels soft to the skin. 89% Polyamide & 11% Elastane 

  • A breath of nothing but still precious and luxury. That is the description for the Olaf Benz string tanga from the series RED1804. This style is reduced to a minimum in order to hardly feel this amazing pants on your skin. 89% Polyamide & 11% Elastane


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Showing 1 - 9 of 112 items